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Art Lande - 3/1/2016

Art Lande is one of the most amazing pianists I've ever heard touch the instrument but unfortunately he's not so well known outside the jazz scene despite his numerous records for ECM in the 70's, amazing solo piano records and current work and long list of almost 400 compositions. So, I've decided to put up some of my favorite tracks of his from albums that are out of print and some links to tracks I found online.

These two track exemplify what I love about Art's playing. He's straight out of the great jazz piano tradition but then he stirs the pot with his own mix of surprise, wit, humor and amazingly endless harmonic and rhythmic ideas.

This was recorded at the Great American Music Hall in SF and it's another example of Art blending the history of jazz piano with his own marvelous take on the concept of "Dancing On The Ceiling"

An awesome live duo with Paul McCandless where you get to see and hear some of the humorous side of Art:

From his 1970's band Rubisa Patrol who recorded for ECM Records:

And finally, vrom Art's ECM duo with Jan Garbarek - "Red Lanta":

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